Brainzilla Puzzles: How good are these games?

Everyone does love puzzles? Isn’t? You might have solved many of the puzzles and we all know that solving the puzzles is not an easy job unless and until you are really interested in solving.  Brainzilla is the website that offers you interesting fun games & puzzles.

Brainzilla is an interesting website that is dedicated to everyone for fun and exercise the brain. They offer you an exciting game that mainly exercises your brain to solve it and enhance your knowledge towards it. They are enrich logic, critical thinking, and problem solving skills. Brainzilla has everything that might interest you with various logic games to spend some more time and improve your logic skills. If you love challenges then this website is definitely for you, for all those who loves to be challenged are here by invited to play these amazing brain enhancing games on Brainzilla. The game like riddles, broken words, zebra puzzles, and much more. Brainzilla offers you the number of categories in games like word games, solitaire games, printable games, puzzles, brain teasers, IQ Test, Logic Games, Fun Games, etc.

If you played any of the game earlier at Brainzilla then you might have wondered how interesting the games are. You can actually have a good time by playing these interesting games. The games are grouped by the difficulty level easy, medium, and difficult. If you want to solve a masterpiece then you can go for Difficult otherwise you can easily switch to medium or easy.  Therefore, this is not at all end you can easily test your IQ with a very simple question starting from easy to the complex one. The gamer are free and easy to understand. The most interesting that will satisfy you is it doesn’t require any register or you don’t have to download if you want to play something. Want to give a try? Go ahead.

Here are few games that will enhance your brain:

  1. Word Search

A traditional word search game is updated four times a day.

  1. Zebra Puzzles

Use logic deductions to solve problems that are similar to the Einstein’s Riddle.

  1. Einstein’s Riddle

Einstein’s said that 2% of the world can solve this problem. Now the challenge is whether you can do it or not?

  1. Logic Grid Puzzle

Complete the grid by using logic and the given clues of each problem. It is also known as Logic Grid Puzzle.

Very Easy Puzzles

Movies Night: 4 boys are at home at watch some movies. Can you discover the characteristics of every one of them?

Easy Puzzles

Fancy Hotels: Five fancy hotels were built in the same street in different decades. The hotel that is build for the first time.

Who owns the Crocodile?

The logic using crocodile to find which girl owns the crocodile.

Medium Puzzles

Angel Investors: Five angle investors are talking about the investments they did last month. Who is interested in biotech companies?

Barbershop: Five men are at a Barbershop getting new beard styles. Which one the goatee beard?

Beach Day: Five women are enjoying a sunny day at the beach. Determine what each one is eating and drinking.

Very Hard Puzzles

Blood Donation: Five women where donating blood. Follow the clues to find their blood types

Delightful Dresses: Five women are wearing dresses that they bought recently. Find out the dress of the electrician is wearing?

Secret Agents: Five spies are in a briefing room getting instructions for their next missions. You have to find out about the martial art experts.

How to Play?

Basic 1

Basic Zebra Puzzle with only three houses.

Basic 2

A very easy zebra puzzle with three houses and six clues.


The Basic zebra puzzle is harder as compared to the other ones.

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